ON INNOVATION

                              We welcome the opportunity to discuss:


                              • In-licensing and / or R&D collaborations
                                • Creative collaborations in emerging fields
                                • Best-in-class technology platforms and capabilities to enhance the Regeneron antibody pipeline
                              • Strategic late-stage development and commercial partnerships with other leading biopharma companies
                              • Collaborations that maximize the global potential of our pipeline and ability to deliver new medicines to patients around the globe

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                              late-stage partnership

                              ACADEMIC &

                              • Non-Clinical Research Collaborations providing investigators from academic and research institutions access to our:

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                              • Clinical Collaborations / Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) providing investigators and clinicians access to and / or funding for our:

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                              OUR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY

                              Our entrepreneurial culture and history as one of the industry’s longest-standing biotech companies fosters a high-science mindset, nimble decision-making and highly collaborative relationships.

                              We follow the science, rather than limiting our innovations to any one therapeutic area. We are open to collaboration opportunities with the potential to offer important benefits to patients, representing a true scientific or medical advance. In particular, we consider:

                              • Novel platforms that enable next-generation therapeutics
                              • Technologies for antibody discovery and development against new / challenging targets
                              • New approaches that enhance activity of tumor-directed antibodies
                              • Biomarker discovery and validation
                              • Drug delivery or formulation technologies that improve the efficacy / safety profile, address a CMC or supply challenge or enhance patient convenience or compliance
                              • Studying the potential of combinations pairing our pipeline molecules with other innovative clinical-stage therapeutic candidates
                              • Collaborations with leading academic groups to advance our efforts in human genetics, animal model development, target discovery, target validation and antibody discovery

                              SOME OF OUR CURRENT COLLABORATORS INCLUDE:

                              BAYER logo

                              Global ophthalmology

                              SANOFI logo

                              Antibody and immunotherapy

                              Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai logo

                              Antibody discovery

                              Columbia University logo

                              Research collaboration on genetic
                              basis of familial disease

                              TEVA logo

                              Global collaboration for
                              investigational pain therapeutic

                              Intellia Therapeutics logo

                              Gene-editing technology

                              Adicet Bio logo

                              Engineered immune cell
                              therapeutics collaboration

                              Alnylam Pharmaceuticals logo

                              RNA interference (RNAi)
                              therapeutics collaboration